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Boeing Global Services delivers complete, cost-competitive service solutions for commercial, defense and space customers, regardless of their equipment's original manufacturer. With engineering, digital analytics, supply chain and training support spanning across both the government and commercial service offerings, Boeing Global Services is uniquely positioned to keep passengers flying, and nations safe.

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Executive Biographies

Stan Deal Executive Vice President, The Boeing Company
President and Chief Executive Officer, Boeing Global Services
William A. Ampofo II Vice President, Business & General Aviation, Boeing Global Services
Gary Baker Vice President, Safety, Quality & Compliance, Boeing Global Services
Kristen Bruner Vice President, Human Resources, Boeing Global Services
Conrad Chun Vice President, Communications, Boeing Global Services
Keith Cooper Vice President, Training & Professional Services, Boeing Global Services
Edward (Ed) Dolanski President, U.S. Government Services, Boeing Global Services
Mike Fleming Vice President, Commercial Services, Boeing Global Services
Dennis Floyd Vice President, Strategy, Boeing Global Services
Kuljit Ghata-Aura Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Boeing Global Services
Sergey Kravchenko President, Boeing Russia/CIS, Boeing International; Innovation Accelerator Leader, Boeing Global Services
Stephanie Pope Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Boeing Global Services
Joan Robinson-Berry Vice President, Engineering, Modifications & Maintenance, Boeing Global Services
Ken Sain Vice President, Digital Aviation & Analytics, Boeing Global Services
Torbjorn (Turbo) Sjogren Vice President, International Government Services, Boeing Global Services
Kenneth A. (Ken) Shaw Vice President, Supply Chain, Boeing Global Services
Duane Wehking Vice President, IT Business Partners, Boeing Global Services